4228 Canal St New Orleans, LA 70119

Please call with any questions - one of our tech will be happy to help.
(504) 208-2900 

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Crescent City Technologies is located in New Orleans on historic Canal Street in the heart of mid-city. 

We are a full service repair shop and we both buy and sell used laptops, computers, and related products

Are you looking to sell or trade in you computer?

We buy broken laptops, slow laptops, and the laptop you are just no longer using anymore. Call us with as much detail as you can give about the laptop including condition, age, make, and model and we'll make you an offer.

 In most cases, we can recover your data from computers that no longer turn on. We can PERMANENTLY wipe the data from a computer you no long want.

We also buy bulk lots from expired leases, businesses refreshing their inventory, or going out of business.

Are you looking for a used laptop or desktop? 

All used computers are thoroughly tested and  include a 90day warranty against defect.

All used computers have:
A Clean Operating System
The OS is legitimate and fully updated
Antivirus is pre-installed
We can install a full range of best of breed applications and utilities for you.

We think you'll find the computer is BETTER than new.

Give us a call at 504-208-2900 and let us know how we can help you?